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The National Program for Playground Safety actively engages in research, advocacy, and outreach to educate at the local, state, and national level the importance of outdoor play, safety, and offering a positive influence on children’s health, learning, social-emotional skills, and physical skills.  NPPS efforts are a comprehensive view of child well-being and safety of the environment.  Our research informs all of best practices, educational materials, training, and outreach efforts.
The National Program for Playground Safety led a study to examine the general safety status of playground equipment and conditions.The study included developing a national sample of public playgrounds and also investigated the impact attenuation characteristics of a variety of playground safety surfacing materials. The overall purpose of this study was to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current safety status of playgrounds - from the direct perspective of injury prevention and more importantly from a broader perspective of maintenance, materials, environmental factors, and other trends in present-day playgrounds. During the first year of the project we visited 100 public playgrounds. Thousands of individual drop tests on playground surfacing were conducted, as well as a collection of safety-related observations from each playground. The report for the first year of the project can be accessed through the CPSC technical report page.


National Study Report

Beyond the 2017 national study, NPPS and its staff are highly engaged in a variety of professional activities, which go beyond the walls of traditional public dissemination, outreach, and NPPS’s training programs.  These activities allow NPPS to disseminate research findings but also engage in contemporary discussions involving playgrounds and play environments with various constituencies - such as standards organizations, injury prevention professionals, school and park officials, nurses, teachers, child-care providers, and more.

NPPS actively contributes to proceedings, hosts workshops, and participates in organizational meetings on playground topics for state, national, and international organizations and conferences.

Peer-reviewed scientific and educational publications are an important part of NPPS’s professional involvement. These publications reflect NPPS’s broad interests in research involving field observations, injury prevention, strategies for playground engagement, and developing models for playground supervision.

Additionally, lessons learned are in the execution of these studies is incorporated into NPPS training materials, ensuring up-to-date information and best practices. 

A selection of recent and impactful NPPS publications includes:

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