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Certified Supervisor Recertification Course

Through successful completion of this course, you’ll maintain your Certified Supervisor designation  in early childhood or schools, community, and youth programs.

Certified supervisors looking to recertify will coordinate with one of our staff members to demonstrate current supervisory activity. You’ll also be provided resources on updated safety practices from leading researchers in the field on:

  • Anticipating potential playground hazards.
  • Navigating the behaviors of students and fellow supervisors.
  • Considering what to do in emergency and unexpected situations.

This course is designed to support those that have already become a certified supervisor through the National Program on Playground Safety and must be completed no later than four months past the certification expiration date.

Course Requirements:

  • Submission of a certified supervisor re-certification assignment
  • Review of current supervision processes and safety guidelines

Successful completion of this course results in a three-year Certified Supervisor certification.

Questions about this course? Read our Online Recertification Courses FAQ.