Play Together. Play Smart. Play S.A.F.E.™

Researchers have shown the great benefits children receive from being in nature and direct exposure to natural elements. NPPS believes all children should have opportunities to play outside and have direct exposure to natural elements. Children need chances each day to explore and engaged with materials that allow them to use their creativity, imagination, and initiative.

Be inspired to think deeply about how thoughtfully planned indoor environments can better support children’s healthy growth and development. Careful planning is essential for creating nature-based outdoor environments. When planning natural environments consider the following:

  • Offer plenty of time for children to explore outside.
  • Connect the indoor curriculum to outdoor space.
  • Discover engaging art experiences inspired by nature to help children make deeper connections with the world around them.
  • Explore innovative ways to facilitate and lead meaningful learning experiences.
  • Discuss common barriers that keep children from having positive experiences with the natural world.
  • Include natural materials as they provide a wealth of possibilities for learning.