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Community and School-Age Outdoor Playground and Facilities Assessment Kit


Schools, community programs, municipal park and recreation programs, and youth programs are faced with the challenges of meeting national and state standards for playground safety, avoiding legal liabilities, balancing budgets, and providing a safe, yet fun, play environment for all children. The NPPS Playground and Outdoor Facilities Inspection Kit was developed to help overcome these challenges and ensure your playground meets national and state regulations, guidelines and best practices.

The kit will guide you to:

  • Identifying risk hazards on playground equipment.
  • Inspecting asphalt, hard courts, and games areas.
  • Knowing how to inspect the safety of the equipment and surfacing materials.
  • Assess how well your equipment and surfacing material matches national standards, guidelines, and best practices for safety.
  • Discover how well the outdoor environment meets ADA regulations. 
  • Protect your children and students from known hazards.
  • Inspecting specific play components commonly found on playgrounds and in outdoor school-age facilities.


The kit includes:

  • The Community and School-Age Inspection Manual for Playgrounds and Outdoor Facilities 
  • Detailed Checklist for Playgrounds and Outdoor Facilities Checklist for Playgrounds and Other Facilities
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission Handbook for Public Playgrounds
  • S.A.F.E.™ Play Areas: Creation, Maintenance, and Renovation 

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