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NPPS Administrative Team

Our National Program for Playground Safety team is comprised of researchers from across the nation, an office manager, and student assistants. Combined, these individuals have years of expertise in the various fields that encompass child well-being and safety.

Being part of the NPPS team as an undergraduate and graduate student is extremely rewarding. The NPPS student administrative team is engaged in a number of research and outreach projects that make a difference with playground safety. Our student team-members contribute to research efforts, coordinate, develop and revise training materials, and present on behalf of NPPS at local and national conferences. Additionally, our administrative team handles inquiries by assisting in all manners of incoming questions.  We value the wide range of skills each team member brings to the NPPS office and thank our current team members: 

  • Anna Bourke (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Brooke Brown (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Kayla Dustin (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Mackenzie Mogren (University of Northern Iowa)
  • RoseMary Mcgeough (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Emily Ruben (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Steven Bolger (Bucknell University)
  • Drew Filchner (Bucknell University)
  • Matt LaRouche (Bucknell University)
  • Samantha Lauriola (Bucknell University)
  • Rebecca Mooney (Bucknell University)
  • Harper Stewart (Bucknell University)