Early Childhood Outdoor Play Inspectors Program Recertification

The Early Childhood Outdoor Play Inspectors Certification is good for three years. Expirations are dated the first of the month following certification plus three years.  For example, if the certification was achieved on October 15, 2014 the expiration date would be November 1, 2017.  Certified inspectors are allowed up to four months after the expiration date to complete the recertification process.  There is a $175 fee for recertification.   

The recertification process contains three requirements:

  • Submission of a current inspection report, dated within 6 months of renewal application.
  • Documentation of activities performed as an inspector.
  • Review of current inspection processes and safety guidelines

Register here to begin the recertification process.  Recertification must be completed within the date ranges listed below.  Upon receipt of registration participants are emailed electronic materials to use as resources to help them through recertification, including more specific information on submission of the items mentioned above.  If particiants would like print materials there is an additional $75 charge. For information on these materials please call 1-800-554-PLAY (7529).

2017-2018 Recertification Dates

August 28-September 22, 2017

October 23-November 17, 2017

January 16-February 9, 2018

February 12-March 9, 2018

March 26-April 20, 2018

April 23-May 18, 2018

May 21-Jun 15, 2018