Playground Safety Week

National Playground Safety Week 2019 is April 22-26!

National Playground Safety Week is a time to focus on children's outdoor play envionments. A time to pledge to use good judgment when playing. A time for gratitude for all the adults who work tirelessly on maintaining our playgrounds.

What You Can Do?

Playgrounds don't become safer all by themselves. They need people like you to take action! So what can you do? Here are some suggestions:

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      Design and distribute surveys to discover favorite and least favorite equipment, as well as recurring playground problems and injuries. Send letters to your state governor encouraging them to proclaim National Playground Safety Week. Create and hang posters in schools and community areas outlining S.A.F.E.™ playground practices. Complete playground equipment safety checks and evaluations.  Challeng your school to an injury-free week on the playground.  Host a guest speaker to discuss safety on the playground. Check out your local playgrounds. If there is hard surfacing, such as asphalt, concrete, dirt, or grass underneath play equipment, call the owner and politely voice your concern. Ask if there is anything you can do to help with the transformation to safe surfacing.  Write to the editor of your hometown newspaper commenting on any playground safety issues in your local community. Give credit to those facilities with safe playgrounds as well. With children, make a maximum of five playground rules that they can remember and follow.

    Write Letters to Your Governor

We invite you to help us persuade the governor in your state to declare National Playground Safety Week. We will contact all 50 state governors asking them to celebrate Playground Safety by signing a proclamation. This proclamation allows the state to show their support in the promotion of safe playground environments for children.

We need your help because many states require a state resident to initiate the proclamation process.  This is your chance to have a voice in making America's playgrounds safe!  

"Play S.A.F.E.™" Activities

Talk with children about the importance of playground safety.  Help children become a Kid Checker by using NPPS Kid Checker program.


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